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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Creathor?

Creathor is a platform that builds tools for content creators to make money from their content and audience.

What is the Creathor Payment Link?

Creathor payment link allows content creators to create a custom payment link that lets you receive tips from your fans and people that love your content.

How can I create a payment link on Creathor?

Sign up to the Creathor platform, select the Create Payment Link button and insert a payment title.

Is there a fixed fee for using Creathor?

No, there's no fixed fee. We only make money when you do. Check out our pricing page too.

Are you registered?

Yes, Creathor Technologies Limited is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

How can I contact Creathor?

If you’ll like to say hello or make further inquiries, please contact us via email at or


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